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Trangs lashes were so natural them!!  After a super bad experience...she was great!!

- Mako S. (Ladera Ranch, CA)


The following review from Lindsay wins the prize for being the funniest, most original, & most disgustingly honest review ever written from 2010!

Alright, so I am not one of those reviewers that writes too formal and general about things just for the sake of writing a good sounding review; I'll tell it like it is!!

Before I started getting eyelash extensions I had what I like to call "ugly white girl transparent lashes" know, the type that if you aren't wearing 3 coats of mascara your eyes look bald. All those blonds out there know exactly what I am talking about.. and if you're saying "no I don't"..welp... than you're a liar!   I have been going to Trang for my lash extensions for about two years and this girl is AMAZING!!  With my previous lashes, if I would have gone anywhere else they would have told me to dye them first but Trang is so good she could go without.

I LITERALLY GET COMPLIMENTS EVERY SINGLE DAY ABOUT HOW GOOD MY LASHES LOOK!!  I have been to other places before Trang and 1) they do not look as full and voluminous when you are done and  2) they only last 2weeks because they use very weak glue to get you to come back sooner.
I have literally gone 3-4months before even considering coming back for a refill.  I repeat....the glue she uses LITERALLY MAKES THEM STAY ON FOREVER!!  You do not have to worry about not washing your face for 24hours or not putting on mascara.  You can go in the shower...pool...ocean....and probably OUTER SPACE and they still look amazing! Trang is the best there is when it comes to lash extensions.  She customizes them to the shape of your eye to create the most appealing look for you. This is great because she will accentuate the shape of your eye to make even white girls have amazing contour.  That's right white girls...her extensions even look great on us!!  She is super meticulous and doesn't even miss one of my little blond lashes.

I went from having see through lashes to never having to wear mascara....EVER! I cannot say enough good things about how awesome she is!  I really do get comments EVERY DAY about my lashes.  Moral of the story, if you chose to go anywhere else you are literally dumping your money down the toilet.

- Lindsay A. (Fullerton) via Yelp


I love love the way my lashes look! My boyfriend was against the whole eye lash thing because he didnt like the false lash look (the typical glue on ones) because it looked too fake for him. But I got the lashes done anyway after doing much research, and guess what? He LOVES it. haha. He really likes how natural it looks. Which made me love it even more. :) I got many compliments, and people thought my lashes looked very natural. Trang did an amazing job. Her technique is very thorough. She is very careful/detailed and uses sanitary precaution. I would return again! She's very friendly and super sweet and can talk about anything! Very accommodating with scheduling. Go to Trang! Whoot whoot!

- Liz P. (Fullerton, CA)


LOVE this girl!! She's one of the sweetest and funniest people I know.  Aside from being a great person, her work is exceptional!  I found Trang about 2 years ago (has it been that long?!) after going to another lash person that claimed he did lashes for Beyonce and etc... Eh..  His work was terrible compared to Trang.

Cost: Inexpensive for the quality you receive.

Time: Trang is good with keeping her refill appointments to 1 hour.

Quality:  A+

I PROMISE if you get your lashes done by Trang, you will never want to go anywhere else.

- Lisa B. (Newport Beach)  Yelp Review


Trang OC was a wonderful experience. I had eyelashes extensions put on for the first time and found it was much easier than I thought. First, Trang reviewed what I wanted and explained the differences & variations available. Then I relaxed on a comfortable table as she placed them on. It took about 90 minutes. The final result was great...I have been receiving compliments daily and they look so natural people are asking what I am using on my lashes. I will definitely be going back for touch ups!

- Kelly N. (Huntington Beach) Yelp Review


I have gone to Trang 3 times and all 3 times she was awesome.

She asked me what I wanted and then the 2nd visit she recommended slightly longre lashes at the ends and I loved them. We talk about anything and everything and if you want she'll just let you sleep too!

I know there are cheaper places but those will fall out in like two weeks. These extensions stay on until my own lashes fall out so that is like 2 months! She is great and is a perfectionist! Dood let me just say you totally get what you pay for and more!

I will keep going to her forever! Can't beat personalized service.

- Esther M. (Anaheim) Yelp Review


This is the first time I had lash extensions. I read all the reviews on Yelp (which were positive) so I decided to make an appt with Trang. All the reviews were right!! She was fabulous and I am extremely happy with the lashes. I would highly recommend Trang for anyone who is looking to try lash extensions. Thanks so much Trang!!!!

- Tammy S. (Huntington Beach) Yelp Review


I heart trang!!!!! I did my lashes at a salon at the beverly center and then at one salon in laguna. Both salons told me that the lashes should last 2 months, more like they were all falling out after 2 weeks. The first week was perfect and then all the extensions started peeling off after 2 weeks and I swear I was careful withthem and didn't touch them, at 3 weeks I was out of lashes and out of money. Found trang online, thought her rates were expensive but tried it out anyway and thank the lord, these extensions last way longer and totally worth the price if not more. I won't be cheap with my beauty anymore

- Maria K. (San Diego)


I refuse to write Yelp review for Trang cause I don't want ANYONE ELSE knowing about her, SO if you want to be able to book her, DON'T write a yelp review!! Her lash work is the best and won't even tell my sister about it even though she asks for the name. I'm indecisive so I always want a different lash look whenever I come in for touchup and she's able to change it without removing every single lash which is cool because when I first started getting them done, I didn't know what I wanted until I wore them for a few months. Love my lashes!!!

- Judy M. (West Hollwood)


so amazing...

i still have a lot of my lashes left on my eyes.. and i got it done in mid-late october...

she really takes her time with it.. and very gentle.. i actually fell asleep while having it done!

definitely going to go back in a couple of weeks!

- Jennifer Y. (Irvine, CA) Yelp Review

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