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I was searching for a good eyelash extension and stumbled upon trangs website... she has really good made an appointment.  Was 20 mins late but trang was so nice that she was still able to accomodate me even with her busy schedule.  She ask me what i want my eyelashes to look like and she delivers. I love my eyelash extensions... I would definitely go back for refills. thanks a lot trang!

- Lorraine A. (Walnut, CA)


Can I tell you how much I love this girl? She is so sweet, knows what she's doing and is super good at it.  Her full lash set and touch-ups are wonderful!  I am always so happy with her work!!  A very satisfied customer and might I add, I want to clone her!! lol... love you Trang!!  Thanks, Katie

- Katie T. (Garden Grove, CA)


Trang!! You are the sweetest!!! Thank you sooo much for everything!! I will see you in a  few weeks for sure!!! My lashes look absolutely AMAZING!!! They are long and curly on their own and completely simplified my beauty routine! I could not be happier!! :D  xo Nicole

- Nicole Dona, Miss Southern California 2011


I've worn fake lashes for as long as I remember. I've heard people do eyelash extensions but was always hesitant because of the side effects it will do to my lashes. People would tell me, they're itchy, they'll make your natural lashes fall and they're uncomfortable. But despite of all the negative things I've heard, I tried it anyway. And I wasn't going to get them from someone random I find on YellowPages or Google. I asked my friend who's been getting them for at least 2 years and she recommended me to Trang.

Didn't know what to expect but I know that my girlfriend's lashes were pretty and looked very natural. I set up an appointment with Trang and she was very accommodating. I called on Tuesday for a Friday appointment and she booked me right away. Love her!!! For the few times I've been going to her for refills, she's always been able to accommodate the time I call to schedule. Before she applied the lashes, she asks you how you want them to look and considers any preferences you may have. All she had to ask me was "Do you ever wear any falsies?" and she knew exactly how I want my lashes to look. They last for a long time and they don't itch at all! It takes a while to get used to but they definitely looked natural on me, my friends don't even notice until I tell them I have extensions. I can tell she uses high quality glue because I don't feel any stinging in my eye after it's finished or even when I'm in the shower or whenever I wash my face.

She has very gentle hands and talks up a storm which makes the session go by really fast!!! She's very sweet! I've recommended her to all of my girlfriends who was interested in getting falsies. Trang makes my lashes look so good that my friends ask me where I got them.

- M. Robles (Norwalk, CA) Yelp Review


I went to Trang in 2007 for a trip to Italy. All of my pictures came out great and it really enhanced my big eyes. I was able to get up and go without spending so much time on makeup. I swam in the Mediterranean and looked great! Ever since then Ive looked for her. I'm so glad she has a website where its easy to contact her. She is so sweet and makes you feel so comfortable. I’ve tried others and honestly they come off the next day or they are all crooked. I have a trip coming up and I am going to book ahead of time.

Trang! I’ve been looking all over for you! you did my lashes in 2007 and I havent found anyone as good since and you are never at that salon and they dont pass my messages haha. I'm going on a trip Nov1st. so if I can get an appt with you the 28, 29, 30 or 31 of OCT that would be great. We all love you Trang keep up the good work!

- Ariana Rodriguez (Costa Mesa, CA)

Alright, so I am not one of those reviewers that writes too formal and general about things just for the sake of writing a good sounding review; I'll tell it like it is!!

Before I started getting eyelash extensions I had what I like to call "ugly white girl transparent lashes" know, the type that if you aren't wearing 3 coats of mascara your eyes look bald. All those blonds out there know exactly what I am talking about.. and if you're saying "no I don't"..welp... than you're a liar! I have been going to Trang for my lash extensions for about two years and this girl is AMAZING!! With my previous lashes, if I would have gone anywhere else they would have told me to dye them first but Trang is so good she could go without.

I LITERALLY GET COMPLIMENTS EVERY SINGLE DAY ABOUT HOW GOOD MY LASHES LOOK!! I have been to other places before Trang and 1) they do not look as full and voluminous when you are done and 2) they only last 2weeks because they use very weak glue to get you to come back sooner.

I have literally gone 3-4months before even considering coming back for a refill. I repeat....the glue she uses LITERALLY MAKES THEM STAY ON FOREVER!! You do not have to worry about not washing your face for 24hours or not putting on mascara. You can go in the shower...pool...ocean....and probably OUTER SPACE and they still look amazing! Trang is the best there is when it comes to lash extensions. She customizes them to the shape of your eye to create the most appealing look for you. This is great because she will accentuate the shape of your eye to make even white girls have amazing contour. That's right white girls...her extensions even look great on us!! She is super meticulous and doesn't even miss one of my little blond lashes.

I went from having see through lashes to never having to wear mascara....EVER! I cannot say enough good things about how awesome she is! I really do get comments EVERY DAY about my lashes. Moral of the story, if you chose to go anywhere else you are literally dumping your money down the toilet.

~Lindsay A. (Fullerton) Yelp Review


Trang did my lashes this past weekend...she is wonderful. Very knowledgeable, detailed and super friendly. My lashes look so full and natural. No doubt I will be a loyal customer. I thoroughly enjoyed Trang and her work!!!

~Katie L (Garden Grove) Yelp Review


I love love love my lashes. I thought about Latisse but a couple girlfriends saw my lashes and said they were ditching Latisse since Trang's work was so much more noticeable and economical. I often get compliments and feel like I can walk out the door w/ just blush and lipgloss because my eyes looks open and bright w/ just fuller lashes! To think I once paid twice as much for poopy lashes elswhere that fell out in 2 week :(   But now, I am a loyal fan of Trang's work and will never go anywhere else ever again! She's the best!

- Melissa B. (Huntington Beach)


I can't tell you how happy I am with my beautiful, longer, and fuller lashes. Being Asian, I never thought I would ever say that sentence about my lashes because they are so fine and short.  But Trang changed all that!  She is absolutely amazing and talented with her meticulous work.  I've been going to Trang for a year now and was referred to her with raving recommendations by my friend, which I'm so thankful for cuz I wouldn't have found Trang otherwise.  I get compliments all the time about my how natural my lashes look! :0) There's no competition for Trang.  She is the BEST lash girl ever and mascara and falsies have nothing on her!! THANKSSS so much Trang!!!!

- Julie T. (Anaheim) Yelp Review


trang...i cant thank u enough for my gorgeous lashes. u have amazing artistic abilty in perfecting the best eyelash extensions. i appreciate u taking the time to explain the different curls, lengths, & thickness to help me choose the look i wanted. i highly recommend trang, shes so genuine & sweet..have i mentioned that i love my lashes :P im her client for life.

- Lily T. (Utah)

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