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There are things in a girls life she cannot live without. I use to swear that I would never give up my nails and my lashes. After the economy took a dive I had to give up one. Needless to say I gave up my nails. I've gone to a few eyelash places but none of them as careful and quick as Trang's. I've had short and thin lashes my whole life. Thank goodness for lash extensions. Trang's work is superb. She makes them look perfect every time. I look like I was born with natural long lashes. I can't tell you how much I love my lashes!

- Loni H.  (Westminster)


Trang is amazing at what she does and I am so happy that she is my "lash girl."  I get compliments on my lashes all the time. I have friends who also get their lashes done, but they have to go in every 2 weeks. This is no the case with Trang. She is very meticulous and has a way of placing the extension right @ the root of the real eye lash so that it does not glide off.  I am always very pleased with her work, and it is also helps that she is sweet person. Oh and I LOVE her pandora selection :)

- Aleida O.  (Costa Mesa)


TRANG is awesome!!!  I got my first set of lash extensions from Trang and will never go anywhere else!  I have friends who have lash extensions and I've been told mine look 10 times better...shhh! =)  I've had them for a month already, and they still look perfect...if you're looking to get your lashes done, get them done by Trang!!

-Jodes K. (Orange)


Trang's eyelash extensions are PERFECT.  I have tried about 5 other "extension-ists" in the Orange County area and no one compares to Trang.  Eyelash extensions by Trang stay looking perfect for at least 4 weeks and last up to 8 weeks still looking decent!  She applies them beautifully and listens to your directions (eg not too dramatic etc), plus she is sweet and fun to talk to and you end up having a great time chatting as she works her magic.  Great prices too!

-Melissa D. (Irvine)


Trang did a wonderful job on my eyelash extensions. She was my first experience and I have no regrets. Most of my friends said it looked really natural and some just said something was different, but good. I would recommend Trang to anyone who wants to get eyelash extensions but unfortunately I have decided to quit them myself.

I have really short asian lashes that point down. Sometimes the extensions weighed down my lashes and I am bad at maintenance. As the glue starts breaking down you will find your lashes going every which way, including in your eye. I think I went to an interview with one last pointing straight down, how embarrassing. I should've permed my lashes before the extensions but that is just too much work for me.

-Judy F. (Irvine)


Yay, I got my lash extensions this past Thursday and I love 'em.  They are long and beautiful!  Trang did a awesome job.  I will definitely go back.  Thanks, Trang!

-Crunk B. (Rancho Palos Verdes)


Trang is incredible good. She did my eyelash last weekend and they are so beautiful.Strongly recommended!!!!!!!Many of my friends and coworker want to go to her now.Thank you Trang and see you soon!

-Kim N. (Costa Mesa)


So I got my extensions last Saturday and I've already gotten so many compliments!  I've heard of so many horrible stories of girls having lashes that looked too fake or there was too much adhesive where the lashes would be in clumps!

This was my first time getting extensions and I'm so happy I found Trang through the many helpful reviews.  My lashes are long and completely natural.  I've been told that it looks  like i have really good mascara on.  I dont need to wear eyeliner or eyeshadow for my day look and I absolutely love that!!  I'm still trying to figure out how to shower and wash my face with them. I know that you should be able to do everything the same..but she did such a good job that I dont want to ruin them. So I sacrifice for that slight burn when you open your eyes without rubbing the water off..hahah. I considered goggles too..

But anyways...go to Trang for lash extensions!

-Jamie A.


Trang is amazing!

For those of you who are considering eyelash extensions or looking for someone to switch over to, Trang is your answer. I am asian and have always wanted nice long lashes. When speaking to friends about my interest in lash extensions, they all thought it was pretty ridiculous and unnecessary. But I see a difference and they now do too. Like other people have mentioned, they really  look natural. Trang was able to provide me with a length that was long enough and natural looking versus, too long, overdone and  dramatic looking.  Trang's upbeat, positive personality enhances the experience and it's almost like you're going there to hang out with a friend while at the same time getting "beautified" :)

I am completely satisfied w/my experience with Trang.

-Sharleen Z. (Westminster)


I HEART my eyelashes!!!  I just got my lashes done by Trang.  She is so sweet and funny.  And most importantly, this girl got SKILLS.  She does a great job and I still can't believe how quick she is.  Her prices are very reasonable.  And thanks Yelp!  I would of never found this place without you.

-Emily U. (Huntington Beach)

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