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I have never had eyelash extensions before, nor have I worn falsies but my friend recently got them and I thought they looked kinda nice. So I thought I'd give them a try.

So I was doing research and I found Trang just looking up "eyelash extensions westminster, ca" (I don't live there but I heard there are a lot of salons there...) And the first website that popped up was Yelp's page on "Le Joli Salon” (but she doesn’t work here anymore).

So I read the reviews and everyone seemed to rave about Trang's handiwork. So I emailed Trang and asked her pricing (it doesn't go into full detail on the salon website) and also for some before/after pictures (extensions aren't cheap and I wanted to make sure I was going to the right person!)

Trang promptly replied to my email and was VERY professional and just -- darned nice. So I thought, "Hey, why the heck not..." and booked an appointment. So I packed up my hubby and baby for the trip (actually only a 35 minute drive... -- woulda been faster if not for the RETARDED traffic that day! Argh...) So, not accounting for the hoards of drivers that would be on the road that day, I was late by 20 minutes. I arrived at an easy to find, little salon in the corner of the plaza and walked in to find Trang on the phone trying to call me (OOPS! I left my phone at home -- SOOOORRY TRANG)... But even so she was still REEAALLLLY nice about it which made me appreciate her right from the beginning! (You don't know how many times I've gotten dirty looks or snippy "Do you KNOW your appointment was 10 minutes ago??")

Trang made me feel really happy and welcomed and began promptly. She first consulted me on the "look" I wanted to achieve and explained the types of lashes she had and her recommendations. (I hate places that dont even really consult with you and assume they know what you want already!) But since I was a lash virgin I just told her I wanted it to look natural and let her do her magic. So then we began.

Let me tell you, this girl can multi-task! The way we were gabbing like little schoolgirls about hunky actors and models, I would have forgotten what I was doing like a hundred times and it probably would've taken like 10 hours. But throughout she kept a great pace and was always focused (but I never got the sense she was rushing eventhough I was so late already and she had back-to-back appts.) Being a scientist that she is, she was a pro with the tweezers and being a girl who maintains her own looks, she really knows what a girl thinks is "pretty."

So overall it was a great experience. Clean place, professional and friendly staff, and beautiful job.

Oh, did I also mention I LOVE MY LASHES~?!?!!

(Sorry I tend to ramble because as of right now I'm a Stay-at home mom with too much time on her hands)

Thank you TRANG!!

- Josie A. (Tustin)

I've had eyelash extensions on and off for the past 4 years and I finally found THE best specialist! Trang is super fast, super friendly and these eyelashes stay on for a full four weeks or more! She gets the lashes done in less than an hour and she actually chats with you like I've known her forever. Her prices are decent and she works with great speed! All I can say is get your lashes done by Trang, it really opens your eyes and guys love them!

-Mommy L. (Aliso Viejo)


So, I've had this obsession with eyelash extensions for a little over a year now....and Trang is the one that started it all.

She is sweet and friendly and will have you feeling like old friends in no time.  But aside from her wonderful personality, she is extremely knowledgeable about lashes and does amazing work.  Really, a perfectionist.  I can never get over how meticulous it is to glue lashes on but Trang is very skilled and efficient and you will end up with gorgeous lashes in no time.  And the best thing is that no one ever suspects that the lashes aren't all mine since co-workers, friends and boyfriend alike just can't tell.  I've actually had strangers stop and tell me that I have beautiful lashes.  If they only knew....

-Janice L. (San Diego)


I have had bad luck three times with eyelash extensions in the past!!! I was really weary about getting them done again for the fourth time... I figured I could give it another shot. Trang, the eyelash extension professional was kind enough to send me photos of her work and talk to me about her technique. I showed up to a stylish and comfortable salon setting and less than two hours later, my short curled eyelashes transformed into beautiful long natural looking ones. I am soooo happy with her work and no doubt will use her service time and time again. I have gotten so many compliments and have referred her to all of my friends who love my new eyelashes! They really make your eyes dramatic and the best part is is that I don't have to hassle with eyeliner! Thanks Trang!!

- Natasha K. (Los Angeles)


Thanx so much!  It was really nice meeting you! My eyes look sweeeeeeet!

~Janet (Irvine, CA)


I research when I thought about getting eyelash extensions for my upcoming wedding, I researched and read reviews about eyelash extensions for a good month before setting up my appointment with Trang.  First the setup is very clean and the room I was in was immaculate, which is really important to me.  Then, can I say that Trang is the sweetest person...she's really friendly and made the 1 1/2 hours fly by!  Not only that, but she customizes everything and wants to make sure you get the look you really want.  She asked me about how thick, long I want my eyelashes...etc... and they came out perfect.  It looks and feels so natural, me..but prettier!  And she's really detailed...I look forward to going back for my retouch in a couple weeks.  If you're looking for high quality work, and you want some awesome beautiful, model-like eyelashes for a great price, definitely call up Trang!

-Jennifer K. (Fullerton)


This is the first time I have had lash extensions and I am HOOKED. Trang did a GREAT job. They are so natural looking! I am sending my friends, my sister, my mom.....

-.Kris T. (Huntington Beach)


I LOVE them. They look greaat. No one will ever think they are not my own but they will think they look great.  Thanks so much. I look forward to seeing you again.My sister who lives in northern cal wants to get them done the next time she comes down. She'll have lash envy for sure when she sees the pictures.Thanks again



To those unconvinced of miracles!!  Have not experienced the magical hands of Trang!  "Hallelujah!!" I say to glamorous, long, thick lashes that Trang have carefully placed on my lashes.  My eyes have never looked more amazing!  I'm embarrassed to say that there have been times, when I caught myself gawking at my beautiful eyes--thanks to Trang.  Who knew, that I would be one of those girls who would become addicted to such vanity?!  But what can I say?  To my surprise, my heart fell in love with eyes the first time I saw them with long extensions.  As they say, "there comes a time when one must follow her heart to happiness".  Thank you Trang--you have made me happy!

-Lourdes C. (Cerritos)


I had my lashes done by Trang before and i must say: GO HAVE YOURS DONE TOO.  I got nothing but positive comments and felt beautiful and sexy every day,   Eye contact is the most important aspect when socializing, i think.  Well, if you have not yet done so, try it out and you will see what me and many other girls here on the reviews mean.

- Theresa H. (Westminster)

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