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As far as I'm concerned, if you are on Yelp or google and searching the word "eyelashes" or "eyelash extensions" only ONE result should pop up and that is Trang. I found Trang at first when I was looking to get eyelash extensions for my wedding and had gone to another lady for my first time ever who jacked up my already short eyelashes. Trang was able to save the day and luckily there was enough time before my big day to completely erase the first persons hack job. Trang not only made my lashes hot for my bachelorette party, she made them look perfect for the biggest day of my life. I travel a little over an hour to see Trang and would gladly drive farther because she is an expert and a true artist. I consider myself to be a meticulous and observant person and when the first lady did my lashes I really didn't have anything to compare it to because I'd never gotten them before, so I thought they looked ok. NO! After seeing Trangs work: complete night and day. What's with everyone these days trying to do it all?! Its one thing to have a nail lady who is also good at waxing or a hair lady who knows how to do facials, but to me, your eyelashes are such a delicate thing to trust to someone. Think about it !! It's your eyes with sharp instruments and glue coming very near proximity and It's scary to see how many people are out there claiming to know how to do this when really they are just wanting to make a quick buck and your eyelashes get jacked up in the process. Trang is so in tune with what she does and dexterous, she uses both hands to place extensions on every SINGLE individual lash. Most people just clump hairs on to many hairs at once, which can rip out your real eyelashes after a while. Because they don't really care or think long term on whether you are going to maintain extensions so they don't take the time nor have the talent or patience like Trang to apply the extensions in such a way that they don't damage your real lashes in the process. My eyelashes are fine, short, and blonde yet Trang still manages to create a miracle and create a luscious full look. Oh and while I'm at it let me just go ahead and regulate Mia, I think that it's annoying and rude that you didn't even try Trang's services and still you somehow went out of your way to find the time and write a negative review about her! Who are you all high and mighty : "that's not how I do business" to say that you will only be seen in some posh salon? How stuck up. Really you don't feel safe or something? You think this tiny beautiful eyelash stylist is gonna mug you in her apartment or something? Actually I think it's best you didn't make the trip because you don't deserve her magic on your eyelashes if you think like that. So the F what if she does eyelashes in a garage, dirt field or in a stuck up salon? It's the work that she does that matters and actually I like how she has her cute apartment set up with the cozy massage table. She is the one who accepts strangers and not just referrals and she should be the one concerned about having people come to her appt, not YOU! Thankfully your idiotic review wont tarnish her reputation, but I digress.  ANYWAY, I look forward to seeing Trang not just because she makes me look THE BOMB DOT COM but also because she is funny and witty and has become someone I call a friend. People ask me every day about my eyelashes and compliment them. I have already referred my sister in law who is equally picky and she loves Trang as well.  My last appointment was May 30, and today is July 11 they still look LEGIT People!!  Even when they start to shed along with your real hairs, they still look nice, just less full! To me this started out as something I really wanted to do to look my best for my wedding, but now that my new husband is used to my lashes he told me "do you still have those eyelashes on ? I love them. Keep doing that thing" and you know what? I'm going to! ;)

- Alicia P. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)  Yelp review

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