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   Lash Extensions Review on Yelp

What can I say! Trang is the best I've ever had! I'm not a rookie to lash extensions.  I've traveled everywhere and had possibly every yelp 5-star artist.  I even had them done in China when I was on vacation.  So when I say Trang's the best you can ever have, you can trust my words.  I used to get them done in San Francisco with a very popular yelp artist for almost 2 years.  I liked them before because I didn't know there's something better out there waiting for me.  So even though they only lasted for about 2-3 weeks, I still drove one hour and pay the same amout of money to get them done.  But slowly I've noticed that she was slacking off a bit and the quality of work was not consistent everytime.  Then I found Trang! Her price is the same as my previous artist, the only difference is that Trang takes her sweet ass time and my lashes are so much fuller and last as long as two months.  I can honestly say that I can stop looking for a better lash extension artist because I've got the best right here!  Although she operates from her own home, it doesn't bother me, it feels more personal like we are actually friends, not artist-client.  She doesn't make me feel pressured like I have to come in every 3 weeks.  I just call her whenever I need them done and she's always so accomodating.  I love her!

- Xiang H. (San Diego, CA)  Yelp review

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