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Questions & Answers
What are eyelash extensions?
Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and designed to enhance the eyes with a more voluminous, beautiful, and youthful look. Single strand extensions are skillfully glued onto the natural lashes one-by-one, meticulously, one strand, one lash at a time. Each single micro-extension is carefully placed on top of each natural lash and secured with medical-grade adhesive. They are weightless, natural-looking, and glossy so they look like your own… but better.
What makes Trang so popular for eyelashing?

Trang was a natural from the beginning and has perfected the lash extensioning technique since starting her business in 2004. With stainless steel tweezers, one in each hand, she applies micro-extensions at a fast pace of 4-6 extensions per minute. She maneuvers and flips the tweezers to get her clients lashed to perfection in a convenient timeframe.

Trang understands busy lifestyles, so her work is fast & efficient so that clients don’t spend hours in the salon. Clients can expect to have extensions that last up to 12 weeks (up to 3 months) before all lash extensions have shed completely.  Refills & touch-ups are required every 3-6 weeks. Maintaining regular refills willl allow clients to wear lash extensions for years without having to apply a new full set. 

 Blonde lashes can be extended without the need for dying or tinting. One of Trang's specialties is extending fine, nearly-invisible, barely-there eyelashes.  Another specialty is fixing the lash work of other technicians from various salons.  She happily accepts fixing of others' work and has become popular for this skill.

Only premium, high-quality lash products are used on clients.  The perfect lash extensions are based more on technique rather than brand names supplies.

What is the application process like?
Applying eyelash extensions should be painless, gentle, and relaxing. The client lies down comfortably on the massage bed. With their eyes closed, the technician applies single lash extensions to each individual eyelash. Clients should not approach lash extensions with nervousness or fear. Lash extensions is a relaxing procedure to enhance your natural beauty.  
How long does the eyelash procedure take?

Depending upon the client’s natural lash consistency, a full set takes approximately 90 minutes up to 2 hours for unlimited extensions applied. Refills & touch-ups are from 45 minutes up to 1 hour.

How many extensions are applied for each application?
This may vary for each client based on several factors including the amount of natural lashes the client has and the fullness they desire. For the basic look, most eyes generally have 40-100 lashes applied to each eye. For a more glamorous set of lashes, as many as 100+ extensions may be applied per eye.  Please keep in mind that you must have lash hair in order to wear lash extensions.  Each single micro-extension is applied to each of your own lash hairs.  Lash extensions are not applied to the eyelid or skin. 
How long will Trang’s extensions last?
To maintain the full look, touch-ups & refills are recommended every 3-5 weeks. Some clients will want refills every 3 weeks, some clients every 6 weeks, some clients every 8 weeks . It depends on the individual.  There have been some clients who come in for touch-ups at 11 weeks with half of extensions still left on.  A refill or touch-up is required when at least 40% of extensions are still on. If less than 40% of extensions are leftover, then a new full set is recommended. When over 80% of extensions have shed, a full set will be required. Clients with oil-prone skin will require refills sooner since natural oils will disrupt bonding of the extensions.
How long do clients wear their extensions?
Some clients request lash extensions for a special occasion or for vacation trips only. Most of Trang’s clients wear extensions on a regular basis for several years with refills & touch-ups every few weeks.  With proper application technique, the health of natural lashes can be maintained with years of extension wear.
What products does Trang use? Is it safe?
Over the years, Trang has tried and tested nearly every lash extensions glue brand available. She uses only the highest quality premium lashes on clients. A mixture of medical-grade glues (cyanoacrylate & latex-free) are used for long-lasting, gorgeous lashes. This allows lashes to stay on long without negative side effects. 
How do I take care of my lash extensions?
  • You can sleep, shower, swim, surf, snorkel, and just enjoy life with your eyelash extensions without worry.
  • Although mascara is not necessary, some women love to apply mascara on their extensions, which is fine.
  • Wash makeup off eyes with makeup wipes since they are free of cotton lint.
  • Refrain from excessively touching your extensions.
  • Avoid sleeping on your lashes.
  • Stay away from oil-based products since oils can weaken the adhesive bond.
  • Remember that natural lashes shed every 90 days so that a new eyelash can grow in its place.  Don’t freak out when you see a loose extension with an eyelash attached to it.
  • Lashes will naturally shed at the end of a hair cycle (every 60-90 days) so refills are recommended every 3-5 weeks.
  • Always have a trained professional work on your lashes so that you can prolong the health of your lashes for extension wear.
  • Latisse and other lash conditioner products are great for prolonging the life of the extensions and to maintain a luscious lash look.
1.For a comfortable, safe, & sterile procedure, cover lower eyelashes with lint-free eyepatch.
2. The lower lashes must be covered with nonsticky medical tape to prevent upper & lower lashes from sticking.
3.The lower lashes must be covered with surgical tape to prevent from lashes stick each other.
4.Start out with clean eyelashes by using lash primer to prep the lashes before applying extensions.
5.Using tweezers to hold the synthetic extension at the wispy end,  and dip the blunt end into the glue drop.
6.Apply the single extension one-by-one onto each lash hair. Leave a 1-2mm distance from the root of the natural lash.
Wait few seconds until dry. Eyelash extensions is a very tedious, delicate skill. Use only professionals to perform your lash application

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